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Website Update

Website Update


There’s a lot happening at Mediations By April

First of all the website got a whole new facelift. The new logo above is just the beginning. Here’s an excerpt from the all-new About Me page that gives some direction to the new plan and purpose of Meditations by April…

Where are you in your walk with God? Brand new? In a dry spell? Going through the motions? Excited and energized? Filled and overflowing? We all go through seasons in our walk with God.

I would be honored if you would journey with me. As we walk, side by side, we can encourage each other to move into a deeper encounter with God though the wisdom and revelation of His word. As God’s word is opened up to us, God’s heart is revealed enabling us to move forward in hope.

Hope… that word resonates within the very core of my being. You will find it weaved through much of this site. Hope is not some sort of wishful thought, but instead it is a confident expectation that God will fulfill His promises to us.

Let’s mine out those promises and place our hope in the one, true, living God together. May God continually bless you as you journey deeper into Him!

Second, recent printables have been updated with a variety of sizes. Have you seen a printable you like and wished it would fit on the background of your phone or had a different orientation? Now most of my recent printables are available in a variety of sizes including portrait, landscape, square, widescreen, and iPhone wallpaper. Here’s an example of what you will find on one of my recent printables. Feel free to check out all my printables.

Third, I’ve teamed up with FineArtAmerica to sell some of my printables. You can purchase a few of my recent printables on a variety of products including Prints, Greeting Cards, Canvas, Tote Bags, and much more. Check out my personal FineArtAmerica page to see all my images available for purchase. New are being added all the time. You will also find a link to purchase products on my individual printable pages.

Forth, I’ve amped up my social profiles by committing to add content several times a week. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to view the latest printables. On FaceBook I will be adding links to my blog posts and creating other positive/encouraging posts. Twitter is a catch-all of everything. I would love to connect with you on one – or more – of my social sites.

Finally, there’s more to come… I have a blog post about my updated logo coming out later this week. Also this week or next I will be adding a new feature to my site called meditations. These will be videos that meditate on a specific Bible verse. I’m looking forward to sharing with you this way of filling up your whole being with God and His word. Meditation can take the Bible from feeling like a dusty textbook into the love letter it is… directly from God’s heart to yours.

I’m excited about all that is coming and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

In Him,

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